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The next generation refrigerator utilizing the power of blockchain technology and Machine Learning to learn your eating habits and suggest you an optimal diet plan.
Hipstafridge will make your kitchen a better place.
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Software Development Kit
Expand the capabilities by building your own hipstapps using our Software Development Kit.
Leverage the serverless architecture to deploy your creations easily with fridge-cli command line tool.
$ cat hello-hipsta/app.js
from hipstasdk import Component class HelloHipsta implements Component { render() { return 'Hello Hipsta!'; } }
$ fridge-cli deploy hello-hipsta
A marketplace for applications running on hipstafridge.
Explore awesome hipstapps created by the community around the world.
Build your own hipstapps, publish them on the marketplace and earn FridgeCoins.
Hipstafridge uses advanced face recognition capabilities to recognize face of the user.
Protect your food by locking the door against burglars or roommates that sneak in to the kitchen in the middle of the night.
Make use of the powerful hardware behind Hipstafridge to mine FridgeCoins
Receive alerts to your mobile phone in real-time whenever something is taken from the Hipstafridge.
Personal Adviser
Hipstafridge uses Machine Learning to understand your eating habits and to build you a personalized diet plan.
Product Expiry Detection
You will be notified if product's expiry date is exceeded.
Powerful Analytics
Track your food consumption over time.
early adopter
"Wow such fridge. Very hipster. Much blockchain."
-- Early adopter